Billy Hurt Running for Sparks City Council Ward 5

A Lifelong Nevadan with a Heart for Service

Billy Hurt, a devoted family man and a respected member of the Sparks community, brings a unique blend of personal integrity, professional experience, and community service to his candidacy for Sparks City Council. Married to Melissa since 2010 and a father to Melody, Harmony, and Kayla, with a grandson, Perseus, Billy’s life is deeply rooted in family values and a strong faith.


Making Sparks a Better Place for All

Billy understands the challenges and opportunities of growth in Sparks. He advocates for development that is thoughtful and sustainable, ensuring that infrastructure keeps pace with new communities to avoid exacerbating traffic and commuter frustration.

Drawing on his experience attending city council meetings, Billy questions the allocation of funds to projects like a $750K dog park, proposing a more judicious use of resources that prioritizes essential services like infrastructure improvement. His approach emphasizes accountability and transparency in city spending and development projects.


Who is Billy Hurt?

From the Grocery Aisles to Entrepreneurship

With a career spanning 30 years in the grocery industry, Billy has always prioritized the balance between work and family. His decision to become a business owner was driven by a desire for independence and the flexibility to engage more fully with his family and community. His journey of service began in his church and expanded into active involvement with the Republican Party as a Central Committee Member and Precinct Captain in Sparks.

Billy’s Plan

A Unifying Force for Sparks

Beyond Party Lines

While proudly Republican, Billy’s campaign transcends partisan boundaries. His commitment to fiscal responsibility, responsible growth, and community engagement speaks to all Sparks residents, regardless of political affiliation. Billy Hurt represents a fresh, balanced voice for practical solutions and community well-being.

Family, Faith, and Freedom

Billy’s life story is a testament to the values of hard work, family, faith, and the freedom to pursue one’s passions. As a council member, he aims to protect and promote these values, ensuring Sparks is a place where families thrive, businesses prosper, and the community stands strong together.


A voice for responsibility, a champion for all

Dedication to Community and Country

Billy Hurt’s life and campaign are a testament to his unwavering dedication to the community of Sparks and the principles that make our country great. His journey from a dedicated grocery industry professional to a passionate entrepreneur and community leader reflects his deep commitment to making a tangible difference. By blending his personal experiences, professional insights, and a strong sense of faith, Billy seeks to serve Sparks with humility, integrity, and a forward-looking vision. His belief in responsible governance, fiscal prudence, and the importance of family and community resonates with residents from all walks of life. Billy Hurt isn’t just running for City Council; he’s striving to be a beacon of hope and progress for everyone in Sparks, ensuring a future where every voice is heard, and every family can flourish.

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